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The purpose of this site is to honor the men who served in the 30th Division Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized, during World War II.  There are several other excellent sites dealing with the 30th Infantry Division which make passing mention of the Division Reconnaissance Troop.  The data presented here is seldom from research work done by the site's author.  It is, rather, a summary derived from efforts made by others to provide a more or less complete history of the men in the 30th Division.   The intent of this site is to provide, in a single location, information dealing only with the men of the Recon. Troop.  Sources are listed when used.

The Troop was composed, at full combat strength, of 149 men and 5 officers.  Obviously, there are considerably more than that number listed here.  There were many replacements after June 9, 1944 when action began. According to a source who was there the number of men in the Troop was reduced before shipping out to Europe.  Most of the men who are likely to have been assigned to other units before departure are those mentioned only in sources one and two.  However, there are well documented cases of individuals who are listed only in sources one and two fighting with the Troop through much of the war.

The Men Who Served

Name Rank* Decorations** KIA Sources
Amore, Robert H. Pvt.     1,6
Allen, Kenneth PFC Bronze Star   6
Banfield, Charles S. Pvt.     1,6
Barber, John E. Sgt.     1,2,6
Babin (Basin), Richard E. Pvt. Silver Star x
Benedict, Lewis H. Pvt.     1,2,6
Bennett, George H. T/5     2,6,6
Benso, Esterino A. PFC Silver Star   6
Berg, James H. 1st Lt. Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster   6
Berry, Marion G. Cpl.     1,2,6
Billings, James R. T/5   x 1,2,4,6
Birdsong, James W. T/4     1,2,6
Bishir, Robert E, T/4 Bronze Star   2,3,6
Blackwood, Alec O. Pvt.   x 1,2,4,6
Blankenship, Carlos S. Pvt.   x 1,2,4,6
Bonds, Jesse J. Pvt.     1
Braley, Stephen T/5     2
Brewer G.H. Jr. T/5     1,2,6
Brown, Charles E T/4     1,2,6
Brown, Richard C. PFC     1,2,6
Brush, LeRoy P. Pvt.     1,2,6
Burroughs, Harvey L. S/Sgt.     1,2,6
Butcher, James W. PFC     1
Butcher, Robert O. Sgt. Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Silver Star, Croix de Guerre   1,2,3,6
Cadbury, Otis A. PFC     1,2
Calabrace, Joseph R. T/5     1,2,6
Canfield, Charles S, Pvt.     2
Caster (Castner), Merlyn C. T/5   x
Chapman, Foster D. T/5 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Cherry, Joe F. Pvt.     1
Chester, James R. S/Sgt. Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Childress, John G. Cpl.     1,2,6
Chilton, William H. Pvt.     1,6
Cirione, Albert Pvt. Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Cloutier, Richard P. Unk.     6
Colwell, Charles S. PFC     3,6
Conrad, Warren O. T/5 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Cook, Arthur H. PFC     1,2,6
Cook, Guy R. PFC     1,2
Cornelius, Kenneth C. Capt. Silver Star   1,2,3,6
Cothran, Cecil C. Pvt.     1,2,6
Coursey, Marvin H. Jr. T/5     1
Cox, Clifton W. T/5     1,2,6
Cramb, Travis H. 1st Lt.     1,6
Crowell, William A. PFC     1,2,6
Curry, Neil P. Lt.     1,2,6
Dale, Perry E. Cpl. Bronze Star x 1,2,3,4,6
Davenport, Glenn W. Pvt.     1
Davis, Gilbert P. PFC     1,2,6
Davis, William T. Cpl.     1,2,6
Deedrick, Edwin J. Sgt. Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Denney, Joseph T/5     2
Dennis, Walter E. T/5   x 1,2,4,6
DePue, Ray E. PFC     1,2
DeRolf, Fred G. Pvt.     2,6
Diedrich, Theodore J. PFC     1,2
Dinner, George H. Pvt.      
Dombkowski, Edward P. T/4   x
Doucette, Bernard D. PFC   x 1,2,4,6
Dowda, Harold E. T/5     1,2,5
Dufsterhuas, Paul J. Cpl.     1,2
Dziedzic, Theodore PFC Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Dzwilewski, Stanley J. T/5 Bronze Star   1,2.3,6
Ernst, Andrew Pvt.     1
Fett, Russell K. Unk.    x 4,6
Finnegan, John J. Pvt.     1
Fiorentino, Antonio F. Pvt.     1,2,6
Flanner, Raymond L. 1st Lt. Silver Star, Croix de Guerre   1,2,3,6
Flint, Berwyn D. PFC     1,2,6
Fogg, Austin C. PFC     1,2
Fouts, Authur W. T/5     1,2,6
Friedrich, Peter PFC     1,2
Fultineer, Allen L. Pvt.     1,2,6
Gadberry, Otis A. T/5     6
Gaddis, Wilbur T/5     1,2,6
Gaines, Mortimer B. SSgt. Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Garrett, Thomas W. Jr. T/5     1,2,6
Gaylor, Charles W. Pvt.     1,2,6
Gibbons, Patrick T/5 Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster   3,6
Gibson, Walter B. Pvt.     1
Gill, Donald R. Sgt. Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster x 1,2,3,4,6
Gilliam, Dorris A. T/5     1,2,6
Gillingham, Wainwright A. PFC     1,2
Gilmore, Frank W. Sgt.     1,2,6
Gordon, Ralph G. PFC Bronze Star   3,6
Gorman, Robert E. T/5     1,2,6
Gregg, James W. Pvt.     1,2,6
Gustafson, John A. Sgt. Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Hall, Charlie H. T/4     1,2,6
Hall, Josiah N. T/5 Bronze Star   2,3,6
Haldiman, Frederick L. 1st Lt.    x
Hampstead, Edward T. PFC     1,2,6
Harbin, Walter S. Jr. Pvt.     1,2,6
Harrell, Foriest D. T/5     1,6
Harrington, Henry M. Pvt.     1,2,6
Hartley, Cecil M. Sgt.     1,2,6
Henderson, Peter L. Lt.     1
Hendrix, James W. Sgt.     1,6
Hermes, Joseph L. Pvt.     1,2,6
Hines, William A. Pvt. Silver Star x 1,2,3,4,6
Hite, Amos A. T/5 Bronze Star   3,6
Hogan, Willie B. PFC     1,2
Hopper, Joe P. T/5     2,6
Hume, James Jr. Capt. Silver Star, Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Hutchinson, Francis L. Pvt.     1
Irvin, Harry F Unk.     6
Jack, Thomas R. Lt.     1,6
Jacquot, Gerald M. PFC Silver Star x 1,3,4,6
Johnson, Rudolph T/4 Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster   1,2,3,6
Johnston, John J. (W) T/4 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Juett, William T. Lt.     1,2,6
Kaiser, Claude J. T/5     1,2,6
Kasprzak, Stanley S. PFC Bronze Star   3,6
Kelsey, Brian H. PFC     1,2,6
Kenny, Joseph L. Pvt.     1,6
Kimball, Maurice H. Sgt.   x
King, Henry M Sgt.     1,2
Kitelinger, Orville T/4     1,2,6
Kitts, Ernest R. Pvt.     1,2,6
Klang, Wallace A. PFC Bronze Star   3
Knights, Charles, H. Pvt.     1
Kravis, Boyd E. Pvt.     1,2
Kries, Boyd Pvt.     6
Kull, John J. T/4   x 1,2,4,6
Kurth, Kenneth W. Pvt. Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Lausanne, James L. T/5     2
Lawson, James L. Pvt.     1,6
Lockwood, Warren M. Pvt.     1
Long, Jack M. Pvt.     1,2,6
Lowland, Mallard C. Pvt.     2
Lucas, Jesse W. T/4     1,2,6
Lundy, Michael J T/5 Bronze Star   3,6
Lyeznski, Richard Unk.   x 4
Lynn, James E. T/5     1,2,6
Mair, LaMont R. T/5 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Malone, R.B Jr. T/5     2,6
Mann, Delmar F. PFC Bronze Star   1,3,6
Martin, William E. S/Sgt.     1,2,6
Massey, Marshall F. T/4 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Maxwell, Allen D. Sgt. Silver Star   1,3,6
McCann, James F. Cpl.     1,2,6
McCarver, Pleasmer A. Cpl.     1
McClure, Sheldon A. Pvt.   x 1,4,6
McCormack, Paul B. T/4     1,2,6
McGinn, Neil P. Pvt.     1,2,6
McKennon, Howard Pvt.     1,6
McMinds, Edwin T. PFC Bronze Star   3,6
Meeks, Richard T. T/5 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Mello, Antone C. PFC Bronze Star   3
Mile, Robert B. PFC     1
Miller, Clyde W. PFC     1,2
Mitchell, James L.(I) Jr. T/5 Bronze Star   1,2,6
Molnar, Alexander E. T/5     1,2,6
Montgomery, Floyd M. Pvt.     1
Moore, Alvie N. Pvt.     1,2,6
Mowed, Ashland C. Pvt.     1
Mucci, Nicholas PFC Silver Star x 3,4,6
Nila, Willebaldo PFC Silver Star x 1,2,4,6
Norris, Henry D. PFC     1,2,6
Nowland, Maland C, PFC Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster   3,6
Oakley, Dale W. T/4 Bronze Star   3,6
Obenour, Charles E. T/5   x
Ochiltree, Howard W. Pvt. Silver Star   3,6
Ott, Joseph L. PFC     1,2
Paradis, Joseph P. PFC Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster   1,3,6
Parsley, William L. T/5 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Parsons, Henry J. Pvt.     1
Pasternak, Theodore C. Pvt.     1,2,6
Payne, Ernest S. Pvt.     1,2,6
Peterson, Franklin F. Pvt.     1,2,6
Piazza, Joseph C. Pvt.     1,6
Pierce, Keith W. T/5 Bronze Star   1,2,3
Plessinger, Martin K. Pvt.     1
Plumb (Plude), Eugene F. Pvt.     2,6
Pope, Harry L. Jr. Pvt.     1,6
Powers, Allen F. Pvt.     1,2,6
Prather, Marvin L. T/4     1,2
Prentice, Chester H. 1st Lt. Silver Star, Bronze Star with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters   3,6
Prosnick, Leonard Lt.     1,2,6
Rainey, James H. T/5     1,2,6
Read, Max D. Pvt.     1,2,6
Redick, Marvin W. T/5 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Reilly, Robert W. Cpl.     1,2,6
Riner, Ulysses S. Pvt.     1
Roberts, Ernest T/5     1
Roberts, Homer D. S/Sgt. Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Robertson, Joseph L. Sgt. Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster   1,2,3,6
Robins, Joseph C. T/5     1
Rockwell, Shipley L. Pvt.     1,6
Rogers, Paul C. Cpl.     1,2,6
Roman, Raymond J. T/5     2,6
Rubano, Anthony C. Jr. Pvt.     1,2,6
Sabagonis, Walter J. Pvt.     1,6
Samuels, Richard M. PFC     1,2,6
Sanford, Marion M. T/5     1,2,5,6
Scott, Francis E. S/Sgt. Silver Star, Bronze Star x
Seal, Robert K. Pvt.   x
Sealey, Stephen L. T/5   x 1,4,6
Seiler, Paul C. T/5 Bronze Star   3,6
Simmons, Everett H. Pvt.     2
Simmons, Howard N. Pvt.     1,2,6
Simms, Goodrich D. T/5     1,2,6
Sims, Everett H. Pvt     6
Slappey, William C. Sgt. Silver Star   1,3
Sloan, John L. T/5     1,2,6
Smedbers (Smedberg), John G. PFC   x 2,4,6
Smith, Daniel D. Pvt.     1
Smith, Elizha V. Pvt. Silver Star x 1,2,3,4,6
Smith. Harland (Garland) Pvt.   x 1,2,4,6
Smith, James C. PFC     1,2,6
Spillane, Cornelious V. Cpl. Bronze Star   3,6
St. Siemens, Charles J. Pvt.     1
Stanek, Edward J. PFC     2
Stark, Herbert E. PFC   x
Steeling (Stelling), Charles J. PFC     1,2,6
Stevens, Ralph L. Sgt.     1
Stianche, Frank J. Pvt.     1
Stillwell, John S. Cpl. Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Storey, Aubrey E. Jr. PFC     1,2,6
Strickler, George E. T/4 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Stuart, Louis C. 1st Sgt. Bronze Star   2,3,6
Such, Theodore, S. Pvt.     1,2,6
Sutton, Francis I. (J) T/4     1,2,6
Sutton, John J. Cpl.     1,2
Swennes, Noralf O. T/5 Bronze Star   3,6
Taliman, Roy E. Lt.     1,6
Tennison, Dole C. Pvt.     1
Tidwell, Robert K. T/Sgt.     1,2,6
Tyner, Lee R. Jr. T/4 Bronze Star   1,2,3,6
Vincenzo, Dominic S. Cpl.     1,2,6
Walker, Miles N. Lt.   x 2,4,6
Walthers, Mark P. Cpl. Bronze Star   2,3,6
Watson, Buck T/5     1,2,6
Weatherman, William C. T/5     2,6
Weems, Everett, E. PFC     1,2
Wickisen (Wickiser), Lusco Unk   x
Wilkerson, James A. T/5     1,2,6
Willette, Alvin A. Cpl.     1,2,6
Wilson, Orval D. PFC   x 1,2,4,6
Wisecup, James F. Pvt.     1
Works, Harold G. T/5   x
Wright, I.J. Lt.     1,2,6
Wyant, Raymond R. Cpl.     1,2,6

* Rank listed is the highest for which the author's current documentation exists.
                   There are a few instances when rank later in the war was lower than that that given here.
       ** Identification of Purple Heart recipients is not reliably available from current documentation.

Requirements for Receiving Decorations

Decoration Qualification Criteria
Croix de Guerre A common French decoration, the Croix de Guerre may either be bestowed as a unit award or to individuals who distinguish themselves by acts of heroism involving combat with enemy forces. The medal is also awarded to those who have been "mentioned in dispatches" , meaning a heroic deed was performed meriting a citation from an individual's headquarters unit. The unit award of the Croix de Guerre was issued to military commands who performed heroic deeds in combat and were subsequently recognized by headquarters.
Bronze Star The Bronze Star Medal was awarded to any person who, while serving in any capacity in or with the United States' Army  after 6 December 1941, distinguished himself or herself by heroic service in connection with military operations against an armed enemy which are of lesser degree than required of the Silver Star. Awards were also made to recognize single acts of merit or meritorious service of lesser degree than required for the Legion of Merit must nevertheless have been meritorious and accomplished with distinction.
Silver Star The Silver Star Medal is awarded to a person who, while serving in any capacity with the U.S. Army, is cited for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force. The required gallantry, while of a lesser degree than that required for the Distinguished Service Cross, must nevertheless have been performed with marked distinction.
Oak Leaf Cluster A device attached to a medal's ribbon which indicates the award of an additional medal of the same kind.  Multiple Oak Leaf Clusters may be awarded.


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